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frequently asked questions

Sydney's most trusted sales advisory team
  • What is a Vendor Advocate / Sales Advocate?
    A Vendor or Sellers Advocate assists you with the sale of your property from start to finish. We assist with property presentation, selection of agents, negotiations, and are there to help you make all the big decisions so as to achieve your best result. We strive to provide the most honest and tailored sales advice to each and every client.
  • What is the difference between a Sales Advocate and a Real Estate Agent?
    Real Estate Agents work with both the seller and the buyer during negotiations. A Sellers Advocate works purely for you, working for your best interests at all times, leaving the Real Estate Agent free to do what they do best. A Sales Advocate is there to provide you with the best sales advice for your property.
  • How much does a Sellers Advocate cost?
    Get in touch for a free, no obligation conversation so we can assess your needs.
  • What's involved in "Property Presentation"?
    We have access to a large database of trades people, including painters, gardeners, pressure cleaners, handymen, flooring, styling, conveyancers, pool compliance - everything you could possibly need when preparing your home for sale.
  • Who makes all the decisions?
    You - the vendor. We are there to advise and help navigate all the big decisions for you.
  • Does SPACE. only work with certain real estate agents?
    SPACE. looks at all available options and will help you choose the Agent that is best suited for your property.
  • How often will I be updated during the sale?
    SPACE. is available to answer questions at any time during your campaign. We are constantly in contact with your chosen Agent and will keep you updated during the sales process. We are always available to guide you and will be there for every decision that needs to be made.
  • How do I know how much my house is worth?
    We ask the agents we interview to prepare a full report with comparable sales in the area. We guide you through these reports so you are always well informed as to the local market.
  • How do I know where to advertise my house for sale?
    There are many ways to advertise your home during a sales campaign but SPACE. can help determine the best mix of advertising methods and platforms for your location, ensuring that every dollar you spend is going to benefit your campaign.
  • How do I know what I should do to add value to my home?
    SPACE. has significant experience in knowing exactly what is needed to improve your home - not only to make it more saleable but to improve the sales price. We advise on the best areas to focus on to add value to your home.
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